Rites of Passage

Namings, Pet Funerals, Separation/Divorce, Milestone Birthdays


A wonderful alternative to a church-based Service the civil Naming ceremony allows you the fun and flexibility to formally welcome your baby or child into the world in whatever setting you like. It can be done in a park or your back garden, on a birthday or special day. There is also flexibility with appointing Godparents (some call them Life Guides or Guardians), acknowledging the Grandparents and special family and friends who will be supporting the child throughout their life.

Ask me about the fabulous range of rituals you can do from rose petal blessings, planting a tree, writing in a Blessing or Memory Book (for the time when they can finally read!) or I can help you create your own that incorporate family members in creative and touching ways- kids writing and reading a poem, giving a present to their new sibling or just starting off the bubble blowing at the end!

Call me today to discuss how we can bring all your family and friends together for this wonderful celebration they will remember for years to come! Please call me to discuss. M 0425 213 338


Pet Funerals

This is my beloved japalier dog Mahika of 16 years, who died recently. The loss of a furry family member is huge. She was my constant companion, and that tail-wagging unconditional love was there to greet me every time I came home. I cried for weeks. Yes, I was so grateful to be able to give her a good death and fold her in my arms as she died so she could feel my love and gratitude. What helped me most through my grief was honouring her with a ceremony that included creating a memory table of pictures, candles and mementoes including her favourite toys, scattering her ashes in the garden with her co-parents, sharing memories with friends, watching a youtube video of highlights and videos from her life and other sacred rituals that respected her precious role in the family.

If you are wanting someone to help you create a beautiful farewell for your pet to honour the special and irreplaceable relationship you shared then you are in the right place. I can help you find great peace through this meaningful ceremony. Please call me to discuss. M 0425 213 338



A change in relationship whether through separation, divorce or break up effects not only the direct partners but any kids, pets and friends. Transforming any residual loss, grief, anger, resentment and negativity through a meaningful and positive ceremony that celebrates the good times and acknowledges the tough times is a chance for understanding, acceptance and moving on. A real opportunity for healing so you can start fresh and welcome new opportunities into your life. Please call me to discuss. M 0425 213 338

Healing and a fresh start

Birthday Milestones & Living Wakes

There is nothing better than having a birthday party (often a 60th, 70th or 80th etc) with close family and friends and a celebrant to come in and coordinate a special, relaxed celebration of you! A little ‘This is Your Life’ component that allows people to acknowledge their love, loyalty, gratitude and share their favourite memories of you; all professionally curated and run smoothly by your celebrant! This can include calling up friends to share hilarious anecdotes, inclusive birthday rituals, game show fun with prizes for those that can answer questions about your likes and dislikes, favourite holidays, food and funniest moments. Please call me to discuss. M 0425 213 338

Birthday cake

Other Ceremonies

I have conducted Coming of Age, Becoming a Woman (for teenage girls we often call them a Red Party), Letting Go of the Past and other rituals that all help celebrate life’s changes and bring friends and family together to celebrate the occasion. Please call me to discuss. M 0425 213 338

Candles on cake