Cooling Bed Hire

A cooling bed is a wonderful solution to alleviate the shock of death to slow the process down so that you have more unhurried time at home with your loved one before any decisions need to be made.

You can comply with NSW Health Act legislation and have your loved one at home for up to 5 days on a cooling bed to allow time for absent family members to come home from interstate and overseas to say their final goodbyes. It allows you the precious commodity of more quiet time to spend with them at home whilst you plan the next steps, like the funeral. It allows you to have a home vigil that may involve friends and family coming to pay their last respects, read poetry, decorate the coffin, share memories and allow the immediacy of the shock of death to begin to subside so you can make clearer after-death decisions.

Generally, the cooling bed (which is a thin refrigerated plate with a hose that connects to a refrigeration unit that is plugged into the wall socket) can be set up on the bed so the deceased can rest on a soft blanket or towel that rests on the unit then the bedclothes can be tucked around the body so that it appears that the deceased is sleeping peacefully. They can also be placed in a coffin that rests on the plate.

Melissa hires out her cooling bed for up to 5 days after the date of death at the following rate:

$250 Delivery and Set up fee: this ensures that the bed is brought to your home and set up correctly. You are given instructions and guidance and can call or text Melissa with any questions or advice.
$130 a day, capped at $600 for a 5-day hire.

To book a cooling bed, please text Melissa on M 0425213338.
Ideally, you will call prior to death to ensure the bed is available and can be immediately delivered as soon as or just prior to the death occurring to ensure the body remains as intact as possible, particularly in warmer weather. It is necessary to have aircon or good ventilation in the room or bedroom where you will be placing the cooling bed.

Cooling bed
Cooling Bed