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As a Funeral Celebrant, I have a wealth of knowledge, expertise, resources and understanding to help you plan a fitting farewell to the person you love and whose life you wish to celebrate. This is a time when compassion, patience and kindness count for a lot; families are often experiencing grief and loss that can surface in many ways and need a tender touch.

If you have prearranged your Funeral Director, I am happy to simply come on board as the celebrant to help you facilitate the creation and facilitation of the eulogies, tributes and rituals, music and Readings and guide the process on the day. I will charge an hourly fee of $80.

Ideally, call me first and I can start the process with you as Funeral Director & Planner and engage one of the trusted Picaluna celebrants (see below) to come on board as I know they will go the extra mile to make it a memorable and fitting Service and we all work beautifully as a team.

As Funeral Director and Planner, I have insight into the process, forms and procedure as well as a love of giving someone a positive send off that is a healing process for family and friends.

We have all been to a funeral where the name was mispronounced and the content didn’t reflect who they were as a person and I really spend time with the family to get to know that person’s unique story. We are celebrating a life lived and all the achievements and contributions of that person so it can be done in a very life-focused way that celebrates their extraordinary life yet allows for loss and grief to be acknowledged. In this way, no two ceremonies will ever be the same.


Funeral Celebrant for Picaluna

I also choose to work as a Funeral Celebrant with Picaluna, an alternative Funeral company who are transparent, professional and affordable. This option means that we will use Picaluna’s capable Funeral Directors to oversee the process and I can concentrate on being the best celebrant I can be for your loved one.

Picaluna is unique in that 10% of their profits goes back to the charity of your choice and their service is impeccable. Call me on M: 0425 213 338 if you or your loved one wishes to plan a wonderful send-off and provide valuable input into the music, tributes and choices for their funeral. This can restore peace of mind and be a very healing and helpful process at a time when people may feel helpless and need the support of a professional.

Picaluna See: for more information

How we help

Create Meaningful, Authentic Funeral Experiences

There are infinite ways to honour a life. At Picaluna, we give you the freedom, guidance and time you need to explore the different ways you can pay tribute to someone you’ve lost.

Any Location, Any Format

A funeral doesn’t have to follow a formula. We work with families to create meaningful farewells of all shapes and sizes on beaches, in gardens, in homes and other special locations.

Guidance and Support Every Step of the Way

As a funeral celebrant and professional planner I can come on board as Funeral Director or simply Funeral Celebrant (using one of their Planners) to guide you through and be by your side to provide support and facilitate the process, spending time to gather stories and create a farewell that’s fitting of a life well lived.

Call Melissa for Funeral Services, information or just to have a chat M 0425 213 338

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